Winter's Coming

Prices per dozen
All cookies the same size

Medium 3"      20.00
Large 4"          25.00
Extra large 5" 30.00

8" Jumbo snowflake $4.00ea

12" Snowman 15.00    

Snowkids 5.00ea.
3D Snowman $10.00
Filled 2-D Snowman Large 6.00, small 3.00
Stacked 2D Snowman 4.00

3D Trees (5 stacked or 3 triangular) 5.00

"Arctic Pool Party"
3-D Penguins and 2-D Polar Bears taking a winter plunge!
(equal to 4 dozen)
Painted Winter Scenes

"Stacked Snowman"
3 stacked cookies make this happy snow couple
4.00 each

topped with an Old Fashioned Creamy Frosting

Trees and snowballs
"I'm Melting!"
This only works with Large Cookie
25.00 dozen
One dozen melting snowmen sugar cookies
with a vanilla whopper candy head


Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

"Snowball Fight"

"Winter Woodland"
2-D vanilla sugar cookie snowman family
filled with Swiss Meringue Buttercream
3, 3-D evergreen trees and
a 3-D sleeping fawn with mom and dad looking on
sprinkled in a white chocolate shaving snow.
Choose 3 dozen size (pictured below) $60.00
Choose 4 dozen size (add 14" cookie base) $72.00

Icy cold squares and circles
for a fun addition to your winter assortment