Snowmen Snowflakes and all things Winter

Snowflakes and Snowmen and all things Winter
 (Please keep in mind, one dozen cookies can take 4 - 6 hours to create)

Snowflakes 25.00/doz
8" Jumbo Snowflake $4.00 each
Snowflake pull apart (6 cookies) $15.00
Snowballs 15.00/doz

Snowman 25.00/doz
Giant 18" Snowman $30.00 each
Snowkids $5.00 each
3D snowman $10.00 each
Filled 2D snowman Large 6.00ea/small 3.00ea

2017 Susie Q Snowman

Snowballs are my signature sugar cookie topped with an
Old Fashioned Creamy Vanilla Frosting sprinkled with White Chocolate

Snowflake Pull-apart
6 Heart shaped cookies baked together to form a snowflake
"Snowball Fight"
equal to 2 1/2 - 3 dozen
this assortment uses both royal icing and old fashioned creamy vanilla frosting

Medium Snowflake and Snowman platter with snowballs
2012 Snowman

Melting Snowman and 2016 snowman
"Arctic Pool Party"
3-D Penguins and 2-D Polar Bears taking a winter plunge!
(equal to 4 dozen)
Painted Winter Scenes

"Stacked Snowman"
3 stacked cookies make this happy snow couple
4.00 each

"I'm Melting!"
25.00 dozen
One dozen melting snowmen sugar cookies
with a vanilla whopper candy head


Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

"Winter Woodland"
Choose 3 dozen size (pictured below) $75.00
Choose 4 dozen size (add 14" cookie base) $90.00
2-D vanilla sugar cookie snowman family
filled with Swiss Meringue Buttercream
3, 3-D evergreen trees and
a 3-D sleeping fawn with mom and dad looking on
sprinkled in a white chocolate shaving snow.


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