Say THANK YOU with Susie Q Cookies

Say "thank you" with a specialty themed assortment. Friends, Family, Hairdressers, Health care providers, Customers, bus drivers, anyone who's helped you out in a pinch! The ideas are endless. Assortments start at $25.00/dozen (individual cookie prices vary)

Home Sweet Home set 25.00/dozen

Jumbo cookies 5.00 each

Thank your seamstress or tailor 
Dragonfly Triptych Thank You 4.00 ea.
A great centerpiece to add to your assortment
Thank that special person that makes you look AWESOME!
Large Cookies only 25.00
Watch me make this under the video tab
 Flowers and Lace

Zoo Critter Thank You
Forget-me-not Thank You
20.00 dozen

Hearts and Stethoscopes
25.00 dozen

"Thank You Officer"
25.00 dozen

Snowflakes and Band aides
20.00 dozen

Send a Wintry Thank You to that special customer
20.00 dozen

Office Party with Your Logo
12"x16" Sugar cookie base with assorted design
4 Dozen size $80
Create an assortment to
Thank Your Customers
with your personal touch.

 Monogrammed Harvest Thank You
A Jumbo monogrammed pumpkin leans on a 3-D bale of straw surrounded by acorns, leaves, apple, and a very special way to say "Thanks" to friends, family, or customers.
A Two Dozen Assortment
"Thanks" pumpkins Alone


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