Welcome Fall

Assortments start at 25.00 per dozen
(Please keep in mind, one dozen cookies can take 4 - 6 hours to create)

Colorful leaves 25.00/doz.
Fall flowers 25.00/doz.
Acorns 25.00/doz.
Apples 25.00/doz.
Pumpkins Regular 25.00/doz. Large 30.00/doz.
Brush embroidered cookies Regular 25.00/doz Large 30.00/doz.
Scarecrow faces 30.00/doz.
Jumbo Scarecrow Centerpiece cookie 5.00 each (equal to 3 regular size cookies)
"It's Fall YA'LL" small pumpkins 20.00/doz

Assortment with jumbo scarecrow, scarecrow faces, pumpkins, apples, leaves 

Pumpkins with brush embroidered large cookie

Falling Leaves 30.00/doz.
Monogramed Harvest Thanks
2-D vertical pumpkins 25.00/doz.
Assortment shown $50.00


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