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How much do you charge for your cookies?
How do we order your cookies?

IF, You know what you want.
Choose an assortment from here, tell me how many you need.
Send me a picture of your ideas, decide how many you need, and how much you want to spend. Decide if you want them all the same size or an assortment of sizes, and I'll create an arrangement that meets your needs.

Not sure what you want yet?

What's your theme? What are the persons interests?
How many do you need?
How much do you want to spend?
and I'll produce an arrangement that is uniquely yours!

When reviewing the prices, please keep in mind that a dozen cookies can take 4 to 6 hours to create. Remember, these are not everyday cookies. These are for special occasions, for those times when you don’t mind spending a little more for something, because you want something extra special.

Prices per dozen
For squares, circles, stars, plaques,
If you want all cookies the same size
Prices START at
Small/Medium up to 2"  20.00
Large 3 to 4"       25.00
Extra large 4 1/2 to 5" 36.00
  Jumbo 6" equal  2 - 3 cookies  5.00 ea

Specialty Assortments
(Some shapes come in only one size)
Start at 25.00 dozen
Bridal Shower Assortments
Wedding Receptions
Baby Shower Assortments
Graduation Assortments

3-D Centerpiece assortment Starting at 35.00
(equal to 16-18 cookies)
2" Buttercream sandwich cookies 25.00 dozen
Petits Fours
2" Cake or Sugar cookie 25.00 dozen

Recently Baked

Platter, bag, and bow available
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2" Old fashioned creamy frosting
sandwich cookies
Rose Swirl Cookies 15.00/doz


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