Flowers and Critters

Bouquet Platter 25.00/doz.

3-D Sugar Art
Unicorns 25.00/doz
Pandas 25.00/doz
Pugs and Puppies 4 Mommas 12 babies 20.00
Rotten Apples 20.00/dozen
4 Hens and 12 Chicks 20.00
Hula Paradise 25.00/doz
Pretty As A Pig Jumbo 3.00 each minimum order 6

Small Monogram and Lavender 20.00/doz.
Edible Bucket Bouquets
25.00 dozen
Pansy and Hyacinth
Farm Family
Create a personalized puzzle with your pets,
favorite animals or flowers.
Lace and Brush embroidery
25.00 dozen
Dragonfly Triptych Thank You
A great centerpiece to add to your assortment
Lavender and Lace
25.00 dozen
Spring Assortment
25.00 dozen
Common Loon Family
Stargazer Lilies
Jumbo hand painted cookie equal to 2 cookies
Watch me make this under the video tab
25.00 dozen

2-D "Daisies, Roses, Daffodils and Tulips"
20.00 dozen

3-D "Roses and Mums"
15.00....20.00....25.00 dozen

"Momma Fox and Baby"
30.00 dozen
"Baby Fox"
25.00 dozen
25.00 dozen


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