Flowers and Critters

Susie Q Cookies start at 25.00 per dozen
(Please keep in mind, one dozen cookies can take 4 - 6 hours to create)

Birds Nest

Pink and Gold spring flower cookies

Painted Cookies
Spring 2018!!!

Bouquet Platter 25.00/doz.

3-D Sugar Art
Unicorns 25.00/doz
Pandas 25.00/doz
Pugs and Puppies 4 Mommas 12 babies 20.00
Rotten Apples 25.00/dozen
3 Hens and 12 Chicks 20.00
Hula Paradise 25.00/doz
Pretty As A Pig Jumbo 3.00 each minimum order 6

Small Monogram and Lavender 20.00/doz.
Edible Bucket Bouquets
30.00 dozen
Pansy and Hyacinth
Farm Family
Create a personalized puzzle with your pets,
favorite animals or flowers.
Lace and Brush embroidery
25.00 dozen
Dragonfly Triptych Thank You
A great centerpiece to add to your assortment
Lavender and Lace
30.00 dozen
Spring Assortment
25.00 dozen
Common Loon Family Gift set 8.00
Click on this link to watch me make these cookies
Stargazer Lilies
Jumbo hand painted cookie equal to 2 cookies
Click on this link to watch me make these cookies
25.00 dozen

2-D "Daisies, Roses, Daffodils and Tulips"
20.00 dozen

3-D "Roses and Mums"
15.00....20.00....25.00 dozen

"Momma Fox and Baby"
30.00 dozen
"Baby Fox"
25.00 dozen
25.00 dozen


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